Hi everyone
and welcome to this new look of the blog. I did change to Blogger platform. You can read the reason from the last post.

My latest update about me was about the flood situation in Bangkok, I will lead you from there. We came back to our home and found that the flood came in to our house for almost 50 cm height and still the height of the flood was still in our yard but not the the house anymore.

We lost some furniture, needed to repaint walls and clean all the house. It was a bad bad month for all of us. There were some help from the government like 2000 baht for buying new electronic appliances... but 2000 baht?

In December, I started the new semester at my university. It was a delay opening so works, studying, everything was going fast. Then I heard such a bad news from my parents. My granddad passed away. My mum was shocked because he didn't have any disease. He calmly passed away and looked like falling to sleep. We have his funeral for 7 days of praying and the next day for cremating. I would like to share you some photos from there because it was really a Thai traditional thing.

the front of the funeral
"flower rings" were sent here to pay respect
In April, there was a date of traditional Chinese ancestors day, the day Chinese people reunion the family in front of their ancestor's grave. So, my family went to Surin, a province in the northeastern, to my grandparents' grave (another grandparents who have passed away before I was born.) My dad had a travel plan for us after these days in Surin. We have been to Khon Kaen and surroundings. We haven't had this good family time for years.
paranoma view on the Ubonrat dam
After I came home, my friends also had an idea for traveling to the beach too. The next day, we went to north Cha-am beach in Petchaburi, western of Thailand. This was my first time to enjoy the beach. When I was a kid, I hate that sunny day going out to the big big salty swimming pool! I have never got it until I went there with friends, know the right time to play and know how to handle that salty water. my friends on the beachI have been to the unique markets in Hua Hin. Their markets were decorated in retro style, old stuffs around. It was really interesting and funny to read old ads or guessing what it was used for.
a cafe inside on of the unique markets
Now, I'm studying in "summer semester" because I failed one of physics course. I become busy again with a lot of homework and this special semester will end in the end of May. Unfortunately, the next semester will start in the second week of June. :(