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it has been a long time i haven't updated this blog. Because I was so busy about my studying. Today, I would update about the flood here in Thailand.

The flood situation in this year damage Thailand many ways, a lot of people died and many people lost their properties or ability to stay there. So we did. My family lives in Thawi Wattana district. It's in the west wing of Bangkok. Since 2006, the year we moved in, we've never faced flood disaster before. So, we thought, our area would pass this crisis. But... this year is not same as we had. Every news channels and radios reported that the flood was coming from the north and would hit the west wing soon. Some said, because Bangkok Govt has a reason to protect the center of Bangkok, the center of economics, politics and transportation, which if hit there, nobody could help. They decided to change flood way to the east wing and west wing.

My family has been starting to buy more goods than usual and starting to monitor Khlongs(aka canal; little river for transporting and passing water) around our home. But the situation was more difficult. Not much food left at supermarket (yes, because everyone wanted to store them) the district administration sent cars with speakers around the area to announce the situation and told us to evacuate. But, yeah, no one believed them that time.

TescoLotus Salaya : 2011-10-22
27 Nov 2011 was a date my dad and I drove to the close area. And we found, it was coming and so fast. That night we packed clothes for week and some important thing. Our evacuation started around 9PM. Our destination was Kanchanaburi province in the western, where the flood couldn't be there.
[![](http://mixth.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/2011-10-27-15.57.10-e1321809869683-768x1024.jpg "2011-10-27 15.57.10")](http://mixth.net/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/2011-10-27-15.57.10-e1321809869683.jpg)
flooded road : Puthamonthon Sai 3 : 2011-10-27
We drove south because the highway that directly lies to the west was cover with water. We arrived Kanchanaburi in 11PM and stayed at hotel. Then, we moved again to Vajiralongkorn Dam, 150km north from Kanchanaburi. As my dad thought, the flood came and higher than 1 meter in our village street. It may damage some furniture inside. Now, we stay in the residence of the dam. It's almost a month now. I'm looking forward for being back and our neighbors said, it will be ok for 4x4 cars to drive in this week. It will be a hard work for us to clean around, repaint and buy some new furniture.

Thanks for every mails, messages and calls. I'm a bit bored but doing fine here. Hope you're doing well too.

Mix :)

PS. If you would like to donate for helping victims in Thailand, you could do via Thai Red Cross to inform you, this flood situation did pass 47 provinces, 17 provinces are being flooded, 603 people were killed.