Hi, all

Again, I couldn't be able to update this blog for a long time. A problem was a universities admission. Someone did ask me, what have I got, well, I haven't actually got any facility yet. There were many reason, example, an expensive fee, a far away campus, etc. So, I'm coming for a admission system. (In Thailand, basically, to attend universities in an old time. They used to have only one exam to examine every students in a year. Using that point you gain from the exam to choose facility and university.) Now, Thailand has a system called Central Admission, it SHOULD replace an old system, but, universities don't trust in a new system. What happened then? almost 75% of a year incoming students is taken for their own management, meaning, they have their own exam. The goods are, specific subjects or special needs can be examined, so they can choose students that matches for facilities. But the side-effect, every students have to go everywhere for doing exams and spend lots of money! And a very intelligent guys could have possibility to get a chair in every facilities! He got engineering, pharmacy and now getting medicine.

So, I'm heading for being one of 25% left. The medicine exam, this year, I couldn't get one but I did it very well. I'm gonna choose computer engineering. Let me hope I can get a good university.

I have finished all exams for a week now. I have finished my high school, for now just for college and a long summer, around three months! My classmates are planning to travel somewhere maybe a beach or some wonderful places. I will take some photos for you. :D There are a lot of change here, it is kind of difficult to hang out somewhere or go with friends here. I completely adapted myself here, I got more confident. (my mum did say, I was never be liked this before, this is one of the good changes in exchange year) There are many changes in mine, worst,  sitting by take one leg on another leg(I don't know how to call this in English!), putting me feet on a table in front of TV (I did it quite usually :P)

Oh, I'm starting to learn some computer languages. I don't know which one I should start, C++? I'm just reading Python and try something now. It's so simple and easy to understand.

For now, BYE 'og' Bless! I will let you know when I get a college.