The fifth exam was announced last week, here is my result

GAT (General Attitude Test) : got 255.16/300 | national average: 139.38/300
PAT1 (Mathematics Skill): got 78.00/300 | national average: 48.34/300
PAT2 (Science Skill): got 134.50/300 | national average: 100.09/300
PAT3 (Engineering Skill): got 144.00/300 | national average: 113.16/300

Attendance: 225,281 students
The good is, I'm better than averages but the bad, It's not good enough. Another big problem is, I'm not sure what I want to be. There are some really in mind. I  have talked to my parents about my future job. They agreed with; Medicine(MD), Computer Engineering(CE), Biomedical Engineering(BME) and some. But the medicines, they have their own exams last week (Attitude exam) and will be another exam in January for Knowledge exam (Maths, Thai, English, Science, Social study). Everyone in Thailand knows, it is very tough and difficult to pass.

What should I choose?

  1. What I like, but not good at
  2. What I'm good at, but just okay for it
    The question is repeated in my mind everyday, every night without any idea come out...