I'm here, Thailand, for almost two weeks now. I still cannot adjust or adapt myself, my body or my feeling with this country.

At school, my friends are very nice to me. They teach and help me almost every subjects. Some of my teachers are helping me, some are not. Also with the Thai education system, I had to do one of university exams last weekend. I even haven't known about the exams. Just came in to the class, ramdom answers, waited or slept until the exams was ended. I have to do next university exams in October, those are the last one and most important one. I have three months for preparing my LIFE exams... Gosh.

Hot weather... very hot, extremely hot and so wet. I cannot stand too long outside air condition room. My parents told me, I will be fine and will be adjust with it soon... I hope they are correct.

Food; liked my last entry, I'm missing cheese, pizza and lasagna. I found one supermarket close to my house sold it. But it was too expensive to buy. So, I just backed home and eat more Thai food... I feel it is so hot and spicy than I had.

With my family... My brother, he has more responsibility than he was. My sister... she is very talkative as usual. At first, I felt so strange, liked I was an exchange student in their house, liked started a new life. Now, my parents, they took my opinions and talked to me much about my year... my story that I cannot finish to tell, that I can rerun in my brain everytime I want. My story, that cannot be forgotten by me.

Hope my mothers, my fathers, my sisters and my brothers are fine. I'm not fine but will be soon. :)